What Our Customers Think

What Customers Think...

“…plumbing contractors were unable to find leaks in a system that held no pressure… The smoke machine was hooked to the drain system on the 5th floor, south end of the building …within 5 minutes … a cut 2" fitting that was never repaired was discovered above a suspended ceiling, billowing smoke nearly 200 feet from the smoke machine.”

- Richard Bole, Cleveland, Ohio 

“Within, LITERALLY, minutes of turning on the machine we were able to solve the problem … Smoke came POURING from under the guest bathroom toilet filling not only the bathroom, but the storage space in the basement below! We were very impressed with how quickly the smoke machine found the problem.“

- Keith Riggs, Loveland, Colorado

“We were successful in locating the leak. It was a sewer line in the ground that was open. The smoke leaked out of the ground from under a rock.”

- Ryan McNett, Tri-Cities, Washington