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How EZsmoke® Works...

The Story of Visible Vapor Technology.

EZsmoke is based on patented visible vapor technology developed for industrial leak testing and offers three great ways to test for and locate leaks during regular business hours, when people are around.  Something no other leak locating technology can do.

Three Ways to Reliably Find Leaks of All Kinds.

  1. EZsmoke creates a dense pleasant smelling, non-toxic visible vapor or smoke - thick white in color. This smoke allows quick visual location of leaks, even in the hardest to reach places.
  2. UltraTraceUV® technology, a specially designed UV dye carried with the vapor, collets around the exit of most leaks - marking very small leaks that smoke alone can't find.
  3. EZsmoke's pleasent citrus scented smoke allows it to be used during regular business with people around and provides proof of leaks when smoke can't be seen, but can be found with UltraTraceUV®.

Find Leaks Faster with Smoke, Dye & Citrus Scent

With just five pounds of pressure in the system being tested EZsmoke alllows one technician to locate all cuts, cracks, fractures, punctures, porosity or unsealed fitting leaks in the system. Simply hook the EZsmoke unit to the system being tested and a source of compressed air or inert gas (i.e., nitrogen, CO2) and run the automated pressure leak down test. If the test indicates leakage in the system, fill the system with vapor, plug all outflow exits in the system, set the unit to low pressure leak testing and look for smoke or check for the smoke's citrus scent. 

One Person Operation Makes EZsmoke the Right Choice for Finding  Leaks Faster & Easier.

Once the system being tested is charged with smoke simply inspect all areas of the system and look for smoke collecting near existing leaks. Or smell for the citrus scent you should detect if leaks are too small to see. With the special UV light included with every unit finding most leaks is simple as going back to areas smoke was seen, or where the citrus scent was present, and looking for the glowing dye surrounding the actual leak.

Get EZsmoke and 
Get Finding Leaks Faster.

EZsmoke’s wireless remote control lets one technician operate the unit from the next room or on the roof, letting you find leaks far faster and with a lot less hassle.  Letting you get to the really important part of the job faster.  Fixing the leaks you found.  Getting the job done faster and making customers happier.

And as we all know happier customers attract more profitable business.

See for Yourself How Easy Leaks can be to Find.

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EZSMOKE Specifications

Ship weight
Power supply
Power Consumption

22 in. (56.0 cm)
13 in. (33.0 cm)
9 in. (24.0 cm)
30 lb. (13.6 kg)
63 lb. (28.3 kg)
12-volt DC or 110AC & 220AC - 5 to 15 amps 

Supply pressure
Supply volume
Supply gas

Supply hose
Power cord
Remote starter cable

0 - 15 psi.
0 - 60 CFM 
Compressed Air, or any inert gas such as; Nitrogen, Argon, CO2 or Helium
25 feet (7.6 m) 
12 feet (3.6 m) 
12 feet (3.6 m