OEM EVAP-Approved Technology

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Accessories included: 2 UltraTraceUV solution, UV/white combo light kit,
EVAP kit, cone adapter, diffuser, cap plug kit

LeakTamer 6522
Includes technology that is
OEM EVAP-Approved
For model 6522 contact your
SPX/OTC representative

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The most economical and portable model containing OEM EVAP-approved smoke technology.
Patented UltraTraceUV
Smoke and UV dye locates the leaks. Refillable smoke chamber; hundreds of tests between refills - costs only pennies to operate.
Use with Nitrogen or workshop air.
Fully automatic preset auto-EVAP pressure control.
OEM Approved technology will not damage vehicle components and will not void factory warranties. 
Includes accessories as shown.
  Compare features with LeakMaster 6525 (see below)

Specifications: LeakTamer 6522

Ship weight
Power supply
Power Consumption
14in. (35.5 cm)
9 in. (22.8 cm)
7 in. (17.8 cm)
9.5 lb. (4.3 kg)
15 lb. (6.8 kg)
12-volt DC
15 amps 
Supply pressure
Supply volume
Vapor (smoke) supply
Power supply
Remote starter cable
Gas supply required
13.0 in. H2O (0.032 bar)
10 liters per minute 
10 feet (3m)
10 feet (3m)
10 feet (3m)
Nitrogen or compressed air



SPX/OTC Diagnostic Smoke Vapor-Producing Machines - Feature Comparison

6525 6522
1 Contains patented STAR Diagnostic Smoke technology inside; developed in collaboration with Ford Motor Co., G.M. & Chrysler (Big-3 U.S. automakers) and approved by virtually all major OEMs* b b
2 Patented UltraTraceUV dye solution and our basic non-dye solution are the ONLY solutions tested and approved by the Big-3 (and others) to be safe to use without harming activated charcoal canister, ORVR valve, purge valves, catalytic converters, O2 sensors, seals or gaskets and determined not to void vehicle factory warranty* b b
3 Designed with an electronic Safety Valve that automatically shuts off air flow into the vehicle's EVAP system every time the machine turns off. This stops gasoline fumes from possibly continually exiting the EVAP system and filling your work bay* b b
4 Meets SAE safety recommendations requiring nitrogen to produce the smoke when testing the EVAP system* b b
5 Fully automatic auto-EVAP pressure setting that is NOT adjustable, preventing any accidental over-pressurizing of the EVAP system* b b
6 Same full-feature design as chosen by many OEMs b  
7 Internal orifice calibration for 0.020" = 2000 vehicles and newer b  
8 Internal orifice calibration for 0.040" = 1999 vehicles and older b  
9 Built-in "Future" up-gradable leak standard b  
10 OEM test modes: Phase-one & Phase-two b  

* OEMs require this feature.


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